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  • 1.The item price on ExtremeRebate is different from the price on Amazon. What should I do?

    Please don’t purchase the item, to avoid that the cash back is incorrect. You can click “remove” button to cancel the item and get back your accept quota.

  • 2.I have accept to purchase one item, but the products link on Amazon is invalid now. What should I do?

    Please send us the product name by “Contact Us”, we will contact the seller to give you a correct link. You can purchase it after you get the correct link, or just click the “remove” button to cancel the item and get back your accept quota.

  • 3.I can’t submit my review link, it says there is no “verified purchase” icon. What should I do?

    Please confirm, if you review the item with the Amazon account you purchased the item, if not, please review the item again with the Amazon account your purchased it. If you reviewed the item with the correct Amazon account, then please check if you get any discount when purchasing this item, or used the Amazon gift card? If so, please contact us to tell us the details.

  • 4.I can’t review the item, because the item link on Amazon can’t be found now.

    Please give us the order ID, and after confirmed, we will return you the accept quota.

  • 5.Why is my cash back extended?

    The seller extend now 7 days to send you the cash back, it may because that Amazon has not shipped your order yet, so the status of your order on the seller’s account is pending, the seller has not received the payment of this order. The seller will confirm your order as long as Amazon ships your item. If you are sure, that Amazon has already shipped the item, please be kind to give us a screenshot of the status of the order, so we can show it to the seller and ask him to confirm your order.

  • 6.My order ID is refused by the seller, what should I do?

    Every shopper has twice chance to submit order ID. If your order ID was refused by the seller once, just submit the correct order ID again. If your order ID was refused by the seller twice, just contact us to give us the correct order ID and the screenshot of the order status, we will help you to resolve it.

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