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  • 1.What should I do, if I have not received the cash back?

    If the Order Status is waiting confirmed, the seller will confirm your order ID in 48 hours, if the Order Status is rebating or order confirmed, we will send you the cash back as soon as possible.

    If you select this function(Create every cash back statement yourself), you can see a "withdraw" button on your "My Request" page. You should click the "withdraw" button to create a statement, we will send you the cash back for all items, which order IDs are confirmed by the sellers.

  • 2.Why is my cash back extended?

    The seller extend now 7 days to send you the cash back may because that Amazon has not shipped your order yet, the seller has not received the payment of this order.If you are sure, that Amazon has already shipped the item, please give us a screenshot of the status of the order, so we can show it to the seller and ask him to confirm your order.

  • 3.What should I do, when my order ID refused by the seller?

    Every shopper has twice chance to submit order ID. If your order ID was refused by the seller once, just submit the correct order ID again. If your order ID was refused by the seller twice, just contact us to give us the correct order ID and the screenshot of the order status, we will help you to resolve it.

  • 4.How do I choose a voucher code mode?

    Whether there is code is determined by the sellers on our site. If the seller has set voucher code for the items, you can select the voucher model, if you can't select voucher model, it means that the seller has not set a code for the item.You can also sort the Only Voucher model by Screening.

  • 5.What should I do, when the request time is out?

    By our website you should purchase and submit the order ID in 48 hours after you accept to purchase the item you requested. If it is time out for this item, please click the “request again” button to request this item again, please also give us the order ID of this item, we will ask the seller to approve your request again as soon as possible.

  • 6.Why is my review without “verified purchased” icon?

    A review with verified purchase icon should meet the following points: you purchase the item in full price, with no discount, you have not purchased the item with Amazon gift card, you review the item really after you received it, you review the item with the Amazon account your purchased it.

  • 7.What should I do, when the item price on our website different from the price on Amazon?

    The seller may set a wrong price on our website, we will contact the seller about this problem. Please don't purchase this item on Amazon, you can delete it and will get back the quota automatically. If you like the item, after the seller changed the price, please request the item again.

  • 8.What should I do, when my review is removed by Amazon?

    If you are satisfied with the item, we hope you can leave a good feedback for this order.

  • 9.I can not review the item, because the item link on Amazon can not be found.

    Please give us the order ID, after confirmed, we will delete the item, and it will not affect your review rate.

  • 10.What should I do, I have accepted the item,but the link on Amazon is invalid.

    Please send us the product name by “contact us”,we will ask the seller to give you a correct link,or you can just delete it and get back your quota.

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